While most Masonic websites talk about famous Freemasons from the entertainment world, professional athletes, military leaders and countless others, we thought it might be appropriate to name a few notable Masons who were leaders in government, which was the spirit in which General Court Lodge was formed. While politics and religion are not discussed within the walls of the lodge, our fraternity appeals to all good men, regardless of political affiliation. Masonry is meant to make good men better, and it shouldn't be surprising to know that many good men have sought to make their community, state, country and world better by serving in the craft and in political life.

There have been 14 United States Presidents who were Master Masons, including our first president, Worshipful Brother George Washington. Another Mason who is particularly known to Masons in Missouri and throughout the country is past Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Harry Truman.
  • Sherman Adams, Governor and Congressman from New Hampshire
  • Charles Bass, State Representative, State Senator, Congressman from NH
  • Perkins Bass, State Representative, State Senator, Congressman from NH
  • Birch Bayh, US Senator from Indiana
  • Shadrach Bond, first Governor of Illinois
  • David Brearley, Constitution signer and first Grand Master of New Jersey
  • H. Styles Bridges, Governor and US Senator from New Hampshire
  • William Jennings Bryan, US Secretary of State and presidential candidate
  • Sir Edmund Burke, Member of Parliament and supporter of US independence
  • Harold Burns, Speaker of the NH House of Representatives
  • Raymond Burton, NH Executive Councilor and County Commissioner
  • Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Governor of Maine and Civil War General
  • Gene G. Chandler, Speaker of the NH House of Representatives
  • Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain
  • Norris Cotton, Speaker of NH House, US Congressman, US Senator
  • Thomas Dewey, Governor of New York and presidential candidate
  • Bob Dole, US Senator from Kansas and presidential candidate
  • James Douglas, Governor of Vermont
  • Thomas Eaton, NH State Senate President
  • Benjamin Franklin, American Statesman and Grand Master in Pennsylvania
  • John Glenn, US Senator and first American to orbit Earth
  • Barry Goldwater, US Senator from Arizona and presidental candidate
  • John Hancock, Governor of Mass. and signer of the Declaration of Independence
  • JB Van Hollen, Wisconsin Attorney General and Grand Master of Masons
  • Shawn N. Jasper, Speaker of the NH House of Representatives
  • John Jay, first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court
  • Thurgood Marshall, first African American on the US Supreme Court
  • Sam Nunn, US Senator from Georgia
  • Stephen J. Shurtleff, Speaker of the NH House of Representatives
  • John Sullivan, Governor of NH, Speaker of the NH House of Representatives
  • Alphonso Taft, US Attorney General and Secretary of War
  • Tommy Thompson, Governor of Wisconsin and US Secretary of HHS
  • John Tipton, US Senator and Grand Master of Masons in Indiana
  • Earl Warren, Governor of California and Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court
  • William Whipple, Declaration of Independence Signer, NH Executive Councilor
  • Brigham Young, Governor of Utah and leader of the Mormon Church
In 2002, Masons who were members of the NH General Court and the Grand Master of New Hampshire (MW Bro Wendall Woodward, along with his Grand Lodge suite) presented then Senate President Thomas Eaton (Keene) and House Speaker Gene Chandler (Bartlett) with special aprons. This photo, taken in the House chamber on the Speaker's rostrum is especially sentimental, as the portrait hanging above is of our first Masonic President, Wor Bro George Washington.
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