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  • Paul Smith (Tuesday, April 15 08 02:39 am EDT)

    Brethren, this site is a testament to all the members of General Court Lodge. We can be proud of our good works.
    Bro Paul

  • Jim Holland (Thursday, April 17 08 03:34 am EDT)

    thinking outside the box
    Masonry is evolving and without creative thinkers we will be run over by progress. Thanks for creating the first new lodge in NH this century and creating this web site.

    Never discourage anyone...who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.
    Plato (427 BC - 347 BC)

  • Russell Day (Thursday, May 15 08 03:50 am EDT)

    Nice job with the website. It looks very professional and neatly done. I like the looks of it a lot. Thanks for taking the time to do it.
    Bro Russ Day

  • JD Spencer (Tuesday, March 10 09 07:03 am EDT)

    Hellow Brethren, Greetings from Abert Lodge #89 in Starkville, MS. Hope to visit one day! Please visit our site here:www.abert89masons.com

  • Roger Retzke (Saturday, April 11 09 01:57 am EDT)

    I congratulate you on your achievements, including this web site. I have added a link to your home page on the First Masonic District web site, www.firstmasonicdistrictofnh.com

  • Ed Daneault Potentate Bektash Shriners (Monday, June 15 09 01:47 am EDT)

    Hello and Congratulations
    It is with great Honor and Pride that the Shriners of New Hampshire serve in UNITY with the Brothers of General Court Lodge.
    Congratulations on a job well done!
    Ed Daneault
    Bektash Shriners of New Hampshire

  • Michael Hayes (Tuesday, February 23 10 02:35 am EST)

    nice website
    Brethren you have done a wonderful job with this website, keep up the great work promoting Masonry
    Worshipful Michael J Hayes Sr
    Master of Blazing Star Eureka lodge #11

  • ian mackenzie (Monday, April 12 10 05:35 am EDT)

    just dropped in
    fraternal greetings from the brothers of the oswald of dunnikier lodge 468 kirkcaldy scotland

  • William F. Condra (Sunday, March 27 11 12:03 am EDT)

    I look forward to membership.
    Representative William F. Condra, Hillsborough County 4th District. I reside in Wilton NH. I am a Past Master of Clinton #52, located in Wilton NH. I am excited about becoming a Charter Member of
    General Court Lodge.

    Fraternaly and with Warmest Regards,

    Bill Condra

  • George L. Baldwin (Tuesday, June 21 11 06:27 am EDT)

    NH DeMolay
    I am the Personal Representative of the Grand Master of DeMolay in New Hampshire, and when our new web site is completed I would like to have a link established with your Lodge. I am attempting to
    revitalize DeMolay in NH so that the young men in our communities can benefit from its leadership,fun activities and many experiences. In 2012 I would very much like to visit your lodge and present a
    program on DeMolay. thank you.
    Yours in DeMolay and Freemasonry,
    George L. Baldwin

  • Darryl Peek (Wednesday, April 18 12 09:56 pm EDT)

    Just wanted to say hello and hope to come visit in September 2012.

  • G Hugh Milne (Thursday, July 12 12 08:42 pm EDT)

    Fraternal greetings
    Warm fraternal greetings from the Masonic Province of North Munster in Ireland to all my New Hampshire Brethren. My initial contact was through Worshipful Brother Paul C Smith who, from what I can
    gather from your excellent website, is a very active member indeed.
    I wish you all well.
    Yours sincerely and fraternally,
    G Hugh Milne
    Provincial Grand Master of North Munster
    Castle Street
    King's Island

  • Miss Williams (Friday, August 10 12 05:13 am EDT)

    Searching for Truth
    One may never know to think to learn a concept, action or thought if never stumbled upon or taught by one other, furthermore; one may go through the entirety of life without the slightest presumption
    of the existance of knowledge obtained by another. -One of the many thoughts awoken me in sleep

    Today I came across the concept "freemason." The term I had heard before briefly in literature or media but never before would I have ever had known it surrounded me since I was a child (Raised
    eighteen years in Charlestown, NH- the symbol a vague image in my memory.) Thus a further example of unknown concepts.

    I'm not sure why my philosophical thoughts are so developed as an otherwise average twenty-year old but I feel compelled to advise you to hold faith in the future generation and prioritize the
    invaluable passing of wisdom. I am curious as to the age of yours or New Hampshire as a whole's youngest member?

    Your "organization," for lack of better terminology, is very intriguing indeed, and although I will never be an applicant myself (as a woman) I am glad I have had the pleasure to stumble upon

    Sincere Regards,
    A. Williams

  • Tim Sullivan (Sunday, August 19 12 12:04 am EDT)

    Fraternal Greetings from Australia. I am the WM of North Australian Lodge No 1 in Brisbane Queensland Australia. I will be in NH in December. We land in Boston on 5th December and was wondering if
    you meet in December? Please advise


    Wor Bro Tim Sullivan
    WM North Australian Lodge No 1

  • Rob Huke (Sunday, February 01 15 01:57 am EST)

    I have never heard of such a special purpose Lodge such as yours but my congratulations and best fraternal wishes. Rob Huke
    Senior Grand Warden Massachusetts. 2015

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