From the Master...

Greetings and welcome to the General Court Lodge website. I am honored to serve as the ninth Master of this special lodge, and hope to continue the good deeds done by our lodge over the last several years. I encourage you to take a moment and browse our site and ask that you leave a comment on our guestbook.

Thank you again for visiting our site and please feel free to contact us.


Bro. Robert A. Downing

Worshipful Master-Elect, 2017

Past Masters of General Court Lodge No. 1784

Paul C. Smith, 2007
James E. Holland, Jr, 2008
A. Richard Marple, 2009
Shawn N. Jasper, 2010
Mark S. Derby, 2011
Frank R. Holden, 2012
John R. Sheehan Jr., 2013
Sherman A. Packard, 2014

Joseph G. Bigwood, 2015

William F. Condra, 2016
Robert A. Downing, 2017
Thomas W. Laware, 2018

Honorary Past Masters of General Court Lodge No. 1784

Walter P. Sword, 2011
Raymond S. Burton, 2012

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General Court Lodge No. 1784, Chartered 2006